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An ecosystem by definition…

is a community of organisms functioning as a unit, one aspect of the community feeding into another in a cycle that is life sustaining. By way of example: headwaters flow into lakes that ultimately empty into oceans. The ocean waters evaporate forming clouds that provide regenerative rainfall along the entire ecosystem; thus completing the cycle. If even one component is neglected and becomes unhealthy then the entire ecosystem suffers. When an ecosystem is polluted, the natural balance in the system is disturbed and affects various organisms in different ways ultimately threatening the life of those dependent upon a clean and healthy ecosystem.

This is true of the Theatrical Ecosystem in which gardens of culture are cultivated at local, national and international levels. Christians (specifically those of the Protestant Evangelical/Reformed stream) have neglected the Theatrical Ecosystem and been found irresponsible in cultivating the Garden (Gen. 2:15). Christians must care for culture by contributing scholarly, artistic and financial resources to the entirety of the Theatrical Ecosystem. The Problem with the Dot defines the four components of Theatrical Ecosystem, identifies areas of Christian neglect within the Theatrical Ecosystem and provides a detailed plan for implementing a holistic approach to the care and cultivation of global culture through the Theatrical Ecosystem.